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2015-08-18 23:09:34 (UTC)

Back from Oak Island

I arrived on Friday around 4:00. The traffic sucked out loud
going through the area where my daughter lives. She was leaving
with the kids later than me, so I was expected to be there early
to get things set up. It took me 5 hours to get there and it only
usually takes 4. Felt like I drove through a time warp somewhere
along the line. But it was good to get there in time to set up
things and check things out.

Waited on them to arrive and get settled before going to grocery
store. The girls are all growing up fast, one will be getting
license soon. The youngest although she is only going into
4th grade was the one telling me what to buy because she was
cooking a dish for us one day. The eldest wanted to cook too
so I spent 130 bucks at the grocery store. Not all on groceries.
They had to get spray tan lotion, eye liner, a face google thing..
but we had enough to make it until Sunday. I stayed till Monday.

They spent every free second on the beach. I was out there walking
as much as I could, and even did a little sun bathing. The condo
had a pool that we also enjoyed. It was great. I was so happy...

The younger one cut up some boneless chicken breast and soakedit
in Italian salad dressing over night and cooked it the next day.
We ate it over rice which she also cooked. OMG it was so good.

The eldest made a stir fry with some of the same chicken that
was just like we get at the Chinese place up the road. I was
impressed with both those dishes...and the middle one who is
only 12 cooked eggs and toast for us each morning. I did not
have to cook.

I did keep dishes washed and things picked up in the living area.
We let them have the big bedroom and my daughter and I stayed
in the room with twin beds. I did not buy beer while they were
there. Did not smoke either.

It was good to catch up with all of them. I know now that
they are all busy all the time. They are involved in school
things, community things and the church. Plus my daughter
is still on city council and on some other boards where she
is getting more political experience for her future. I thought
she should run for county commission or school board, but she
said she is involved with all those people and help most of
them get elected. They call her when they are stumped on
something and need her to research to give them answers. She
told me she was on some boards and committees when they are
formed, and that too helps her stay n the loop and gets her
name out there. She is getting more and more recognized and
has to almost wear a disguise when she goes to grocery store
just so she can get in and out before things that go in
refrigerator is spoiled.

She is now looking too taking a run for a senate seat when
the youngest gets in high school or graduates. A Senator
in the family? Whoa....I was not expecting that...

Anyway they left around 6 on Sunday and I stayed till Monday
morning to drive home. I did not want to drive through
Charlotte at night. So, I got home around noon and it only
took me 4 hours. No time warp on the way home.

I was sore as heck yesterday, and last night. I was so
tired I took a nap for four hours. Had no problem going
back to sleep last night.

Today I feel pretty good. Got the laundry done from the trip.
Also handled some things for the closing we have coming up.

Waiting on a fax to come in with signatures on it and I will
be ready to finish this one up.

Friend has surgery in a week. It is sneaking up on us fast.
But she is finally getting her things in order so she can
be in hospital and not have to worry about too much while
she is recuperating. I am really going to be happy when
she is back to normal. Hopefully she and I can drive down
to beach before the year is out.

I am good....

all is fine here. He actually took down my old blinds and
put up some blinds that I had bought about 3 months ago.
He did something for me....yea!

It is a start.

But nothing else is getting done nor talked about.

I found a condo over in the area I would not mind being in...
and it is priced low enough that I could pay cash. However
it on the 3rd floor. I can not handle that. But I almost
got lucky...and I will find it, rent it out
and have it ready for me if I need a place to go.