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2015-08-12 23:40:49 (UTC)

Looking forward to some RR

After the last couple of week, I have been so tired. My heart was broken and discussing things brought back horrible memories, although I have started my novel, I am exhausted. So, this morning I walked into
the den where he lays around 24/7 and told him I wish I could find
someone to go to the beach with this weekend with the temps in
the 80s this weekend. He thought it was a good idea. So I called
my daughter and worked out the details for her and the girls to
go with me. She will be driving her car and leaving later to go,
and when will be leaving Sunday and I will be leaving on Monday.

Found a good deal too. Not on the beach like I wanted, but hey,
close enough. Two full days in the sun and walking on the beach.
I am not taking my laptop either.

Really looking forward to this too.

My BFF had planned a beachtrip for some of us girls but her
health caused that to be cancelled. I want to get down there
for a few days before her surgery. I really need this...break.

I woke up freaking out this morning...feeling nervous as all
get out. Finally just took a chill pill to help me settle down
some. Fortunately that will help me also get a good nights

Anyway that is about it.