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2015-08-05 00:02:23 (UTC)

Tuesday new plan

So, he must be getting concerned that I have been looking for
places to live. I asked him this morning what he had plan to
DO today? He usually does NOTHING but sit on sofa and watch
TV. But he told me after that question that if they call him
to go on the next job, he is going to turn it down. One, he
has already made too much money this year and most of what
he makes on that job will go to the government, and two, he has
so much to do around here, he wants to get this stuff done.

I said well, that is fine. I am ok with you not going to work
anymore this year. I am also ok with getting this work done
here since I am sick of living in this nasty house.

I went on to say that I have heard all this before and if it is
not done this time, I will be moving. I have options and will
go until it is done. Or I would not be coming back.

I told him I have never in my life ever lived in a place that
was like this one has become and if it is not fixed or sold
so we can live in a nicer place or buy another one, I am gone.

I think he thought telling me that he was not going back to
work for the rest of the year so he could do the work would
calm me down. It did not. I reminded him I have heard all
this before. I will not believe it until I see it. IF I
do not see it, you will see me leaving and that I will do.