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2015-08-03 22:40:29 (UTC)

Monday Normal

It is still hot as blazes outside. Even with a little rain, our
yard is still fried. Just walking to the mailbox is a chore. But
even with the heat, this is a better day than any day was last week.

I got a good nights sleep and woke feeling refreshed. No tears
today. I just hope the BFF is getting some rest too, she had to
deal with family and all the sadness that comes with losing someone
so precious in their lives. Hoping this week is a week to get
things finished that are not and to start getting over all the
loss. She has surgery later this week and I really need her
to take care of herself.

I got some calls today from the boss, he has us another listing
that we can start on next week. I looked at it, the other broker
must have took some photos, even before some updates were done,
stuck a sign in the yard and it has been a yr since then. We
will do better than that. Glad the owner got in touch. I am
sure I can get that one sold faster than that.

Then, the PA guy sent an email about a property that I sent him.
He is still interested so that is a good thing I suppose. Been
working with him over a year. Hoping the next few months will
be it for him.

Got some more things going with the recent sellers who are also
going to need a place after they close.

Something bite the fire out of me laying around in bed. Not sure
if it is bedbugs or what. I actually saw something small crawling
in my white sheet but it was after I had went outside. I think it
was something that I brought in from outside. Still working on
figuring that out.

Of course he, the old man is making promises that he will get
a storage building and start at least one room. But since saying
that he has done nothing at all. Most women would be on his
ass to get up off it and do something. I am not most women.

I will give him some time. But if he waits too long, he will
be going back to work. NO TIME THEN. I did ask him if he
was going to start it before he went back to work and he said
oh, I will have one day off a week to work on it.

RIGHT? Like I believe that shit.

He simply does not care about living in a house that is falling
apart...nasty with old carpet..and that is probably where the
insects live....I am sick of it.

He may believe that I won't go. He may believe that I will stay
here and continue to live like this. He is wrong. I will
start looking. There are many places I can rent cheap just
because of my age and income. I do not have to stay here.
He will find out soon that I am not kidding about wanting this
crap done.

Anytime I find a property that would be reasonable, he says he
does not want to live anywhere else. Well, that is fine.

I will.

I can.

And if that is the way he insist on treating me, then I will
talk to a lawyer soon and get my ducks in a row.

I can not continue to worry about this shit.

He has turned into a nasty man. Sometimes he will go for days
without showering, and he will stink. I actually think he has
lost his mind sometimes.

Our yard looks like white trailer trash lives here. I am
shocked the neighbors have not tried to burn us out. Or at
least complain to someone. I hate it. Very embarrassing
for me. I do not want anyone to come here. It is just too

If I am going to live like this with no pride, a housing
project sounds good about now.

If I could just get my son to find a place to go. I do
not think I could handle all that.....

I need to live alone....

and they both need to do the same.

Nothing changing around here but me.