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2015-08-01 21:24:36 (UTC)

Destiny Strong

The young girl was laid to rest today. I was up and getting ready
to take a shower to get ready to go when my friend called. She was
upset from feeling so bad after attending the visitation last night.
thousands were there and she expected the same today. She told me
that she did not feel I could handle it and she was not going to
attend either. So, we talked about things and cried some off and
on. I have cried more this week than I have in many years. Been

a very difficult time for this area.

She has been chosen to be the varsity cheerleader captain for the
upcoming yr. She was Jr Varsity Captain last year. She was very
popular, well loved and very active in her church too. They
showed in the news website where all the cheerleaders in this county
lined the streets at the cemetery to give her cheerleader honors..
just like her dad got from the military when he was buried. He
died when she was 9.

I saw that photo and busted out crying again. We were going to try
to make it to the cemetery. Neither of us would have been able
to handle that either. Too sad.

I guess I am not as strong as I wish I were.

Some friend I am.

Can not even be supportive when someone dies.

This has been awful.

Wish I was Destiny Strong. That was her name, Destiny.

We are seeing that on signs everywhere, on cars, it is
our new saying around here...

I swear if everyone raised their kids the way this girl was
raised to be so good, caring, and a lovable person, we would
have no crime or sadness in this world. She was a very special
young lady and all of our hearts are broken.

Sad day....

another sad day.....