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2015-07-31 18:55:43 (UTC)

Learning more than I wanted to know

First I want to announce that after my discussion with him about
the house I wanted to see, he told me yesterday that he was going
to rent a storage unit and move things into it and start
painting the wall and removing the carpet in the living room.

Do I believe it? When I see it happening, I will believe it.
It is no shocker to me that of course he will be working on the
room that he is in the most first. It is a start if it actually

Tonight is the memorial service for the teenage girl who died
last week in the horse riding accident. It has been on our cable
news station several times a day. They are expecting a large crowd
and my BFF wanted me to go but I felt the visitation may be
way too much standing for me. I may try to go to the service
tomorrow though if things work out. The family is devastated
as anyone would be. But they are feeling better about donating
the organs, her heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and one more that I
can not spell. I can not remember things very well these days.

She has saved lives of children all over this country. I just wish
the families of those kids knew who this girl was and along with
being grateful for her gift of life, they will raise those kids
to be like she was. She was involved in her church, her school
and she did not get into trouble with drugs and sex before marriage
and things that most teens do these days. She was a one of a
kind young girl....and it is a shame that parents do not raise
their kids like this one. Learn more than just giving. Learn
why and how to bring up good responsible young people to lead
and change this world to be a better place.

The BFF is about to go insane with the delays in her refinance,
the cable company and the jerk who was doing her remodeling.
She was trying to get things handled before her big surgery
later this month...and nothing is going smoothly. I wish
she would let me do more to help her. But she is trying to
handle all alone. I am her sounding board though. It is
clear once again that companies want to charge all of us
way too much for services and they can not train their
employees anymore to do their jobs. You have to go through
one person, then another, then another and when you need
to talk to one of them, they do not remember who your are
and in some cases you must start all over.

It is a sad day around here.
Tomorrow will be worse...but we will get through it.