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2015-07-30 22:28:21 (UTC)

Becoming a night owl...

I was up all night. Finally went to bed around 6am. Stayed up
hoping for someone to make a move in the big brother house that
would save Jason. He finally started talking to someone and
it looked like it was working, so I had to watch and listen. But
no one knows for sure until tonight on the live show. I am addicted.

Got some sleep, but still felt tired all day. Had a couple more
text from friends this morning with some updates and checking
in to make sure I am ok. My deactivating Facebook is understandable.
Only one did not respond to me, but she was one that I figured would
not and after talking to my bff this afternoon, we were glad
to be rid of that one. We are both particular with whom we
associate with. Jury is in on this one, and she has been voted out.


I explained to her that I was not going to be able to handle
going to the funeral with her. But if I feel better by Saturday
I may go with my son. She was very understanding. Today was
her birthday and both of us were up all night and both exhausted.

She understands and we will have lunch or dinner next week when
all this is over and we are calmer.

There was a home invasion this morning up the road from here.
Two black men and one white woman broke into a house and
assaulted a woman and shot a man. Holy shit. Happened
around 7 am. So we had a talk here about making sure the
doors are locked when we leave in the morning. New directions.

My son will have to wake one of us when he leaves for work
so we can lock the door.

Last night I showed my husband a house that I really liked.
It was about same size as this one, a little more land....
It was just listed yesterday and was in MLS. I showed him
the map of where it was and the photos. We discussed it..
and of course we was not interested in going to see it.

I walked back in here disappointed and decided to march
back in there. I looked him in the eyes and said...

"if you think I am going to be happy living in this place
for much longer the way things are here, you are wrong..
I will NOT be happy living here and YOU need to know that.
I am not fighting about it with you, but you need to know."

THen we discussed that house a little more...which made
me feel a bit more hopeful.

This morning I learned that the house next door is under
contract. NO SHOW. That means someone is paying cash.
I will not know what they paid until it closes and we
will not know if a person bought it or an investor
until then. We will have no idea what neighbors will
move in or if several families...or if someone will
fix it up and make a nice home out of it.

We talked again...and have decided to wait and see.

He knows we will have to do something.

It was fate for that happen after our talk last night.