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2015-07-29 21:05:26 (UTC)

After getting started....back to bed

I honest do not understand why in the hell when you make yourself
available to help someone they just ignore your efforts and keep
blowing you off. It is hurtful. Maybe I am a bit sensitive.
Yeah, that is probably it.


She will call me from time to time complaining of the pain she
is feeling. Then explains that she did this or that...and probably
should not have. I tried to remind her today that I have offered
to help her get things like she wants and she keeps stopping me
in my tracks. She had some errands to run today and I offered
to go ride with her so I could help her when we got back, but
she never responded.

I have her Birthday gift ready. Was supposed to do the dinner
thing tonight, but she blew that out of the water too. So, hell,
I just run my own errands. Was going to get my nails
done. But just rode around a bit and went to the post office
and then I just came back home.

I texted everyone that matters to me today and told them that
I have deactivated Facebook and if they need to get in touch
with me, they need to text or call me. I got one reply that
simply said that she understood. Got a reply from an old
friend who thanked me and said she loved me. Got a reply
from my mountain lady friend who we had a long conversation
catching up...and she reminded me that she is there for me
if I need her. Then got a call from the long lost cousin
who tried to explain how to put friends on FB in categories.
She tried to get me to do that one other time. I told her
that I was doing it until after the election...a long time.
She was upset about the prick going on and on about the
handicap parking and told me bout some of hers that she
defriended for posting stupid shit too. She was talking
to me when the boss called, so i had to end our conversation.

Then my daughter wanted password to my email about our
faxes go too from the 800 number. After telling her,
she called me while in the store saying the password
did not work. I had to send it to her from my phone..
the faxes she needed. Then I got to thinking about my
bank account sending me updates on my I
went in and changed the password after I got home.
Pretty damn bad when you can not trust your own child.
But I can not 100 percent trust her.

I was so upset about the BFF blowing me off about the
dinner tonight...asking if we could do it tomorrow..
or even after her birthday. She celebrated it already
with her family who did not bother including me or this
would have been over. I have her something very nice...
and wanted her to have it before her surgery. But
now..I am wondering if I am being foolish.

Or what?

I came home and got back in bed, started watching the shows..
I had recorded. Then she she does while she
is out running errands sometimes. I had suggested that
I go with why would she be calling me to talk
while she is out doing them? I did not anwser the phone.
She texted me that she was calling while out...that is how
I know. Said she would call later...

well, I am not answering the damn phone or text. She can
call her cousins..the ones who are never available when
she needs a ride to the doctor cause they do not like
to drive in Charlotte. She can call them and talk their
ears off....I am done.