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2015-07-29 13:23:34 (UTC)

Midweek ups and downs

Some friend I am. My BFF and I talked last night about her
cousin who died Sunday. I actually knew about it before she
did. But I did not mention it since as close as she is with
her family, I simply assumed that if the girl was related to
her, she would have mentioned it. When we talk, she does
go on and on about stuff, our earlier conversations did not
include anything that would lead me to believe that girl was
her cousin. We are all still sad about it. I could not hardly
talk to her for busting out in tears...and sobbing.

But we did agree to meet tonight to have dinner to celebrate
her birthday. I have not spoken to any of the others, and
told her that I had not heard from anyone recently and felt
like if she wanted anyone else to come to the dinner, she
could ask them.

The long lost cousin...I have not heard from her, and told my
BFF I may have made a big mistake even mentioning the foster
family connection to her. Although, I was the only friend
of hers in our circle that even showed up to her dads funeral.
Whatever. The bbf assured me she did not think that and I
was worrying too much. But she is one of those people who
see things in a rainbow and fairly tale explanation where
I see things as I see them. If the lLC does not want to
talk or see us, then her not is a clear indication. Actions
to me speak louder than words.

In business, I am finalizing our lastest deal and did some
research on about 14 properties near uptown last night..
and sent that info to the boss who was delighted that
almost all the properties connected, so our investor
is going to purchase all of them, do some demolistion and
build high end property in that area. There is a new
construction across the street listed for 400k. So, we
are getting ready to soar in Charlotte. Not to mention
being involved in upgrading an area that really needs
it. It feels good to be a part of something this important.
I am delighted that he trusted me to get things started.
On his end, he has the relationship, and on my end, I
do the research. We are real excited.

Got a call last night from my daughter who was going on
and on about some of her upcoming business and being
concerned about school starting and how she would
need me to help her out with some of it. Then, the
bomb shell....her phone is about to be cut off.
I just paid her dues and late fee about two weeks
ago, 250 bucks. I told her I could not pay her phone
bill not because I did not want too. I Do not have that
money. I suggested she pay a little just to keep it
on till she gets paid. That worked. I paid 100 bucks
but I talked to the representative... I told her that
was about all the money I had in that account...just in

But she is getting ready to make about 20k on one of the
biggest deals she has every worked. It was mine to
share with her at one time, but I ended up letting her
have it all. She needs to get the oldest a car this
year..and this will help make that happen.


I am going to enjoy myself today. Gonna get my nails done.
And tonight, I will try to make the dinner as special as
I can. This is a sad time for us. I told her I would
go to the funeral with my son. He is very upset too.

This teenage girls death has save two children who shared
her liver, another child got her lungs, and a 17 yr
old got her heart, four families have good news and hope
as we bury this wonderful girl. I would have been so
proud if I had a child so wonderful or a grandchild like
she was. She always visited her grandparents each week
even with her busy schedule as a captain cheerleader and
being involved in her church. She was a angel on earth
who has completed a job well done. Still hard to imagine
what her family is going through.

So, today...I will try to cheer up some.....stop dwelling on
things I have no control over. And work my ass off on things
I can succeed at.