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2015-07-25 21:05:48 (UTC)

So much So little

So much to do so little time to do it.
I leave for Africa in one week...Ahhh freaking out a little bit.
I have so much I still need to get and do and get done.
And I don't feel physically, spiritually, Emotionally or Mentally ready.
God help me please!

So breathing...breathing...breathing. oh wait that's hyperventilating... Lol not really. but...yeah.

Wish me luck.

Also I feel so many contradictions in my own thoughts and desires it's very weird and it's also very confusing. but that's my life I guess.
But I'm very thankful for the ups and the downs because that's what's made me who I am. and I'm still on my way to becoming all of who I want to be.
God willing that will be something that will bring glory to him and for me well...I'll settle for a Happy and joyful life.