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2015-07-25 03:11:01 (UTC)

Cherish the day

To day Hannah got in to a car wreck and scared us half to death she's okay of course thank you God. But still it could have been worse she could have been seriously hurt and she could have died and there's so much more things to do and things to say there is so much that we put off. B and I spent the whole day with her helping her pack and putting oils on her back to help with the pain. We needed something to bring the group back together I'm just sorry it took something like this to freaking do it. Fights are petty grudges are petty silent treatments are petty and life is too short!!!!!! it's like the lyric from fight song "and all those words I didn't say are wrecking balls inside my brain and I will scream them loud tonight can you hear my voice this time?" We sang that on the way home hannah Brandyce and I and it was good. I thank God for them and this friendship and this mission that we are set on and just for this life I was given....even when if feels like hell.
It's worth it.