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2015-07-24 17:51:11 (UTC)

It's today

The day after having a break down is always a hard one i woke up wit a killer head ache and feeling hung over even though i wasn't drinking.
Had rough coversation with dad and he vented out his feelings.
I'm glad moms coming back today.
so much freaking drama with home and Family and the church and with friends it's just getting to be too much and i broke down and i went and talked to James...went to his door and cried and he just hugged me and told me everything was going to be alright even if it's not.
and he told me he loved me and was just there for me when i needed him. That meant and means the world to me.
i needed my brother and he was there.
i needed him to comfort me and he did.
I love him and always will we will always be family. that's that it will never change.

Brandyce was there and talked to me and i vented and cried and i still have the nagging fear with the trust issues but i'm trying... and it's just like the letter i wrote her and Hannah last night the friendship is always worth it.
all of the above will always be worth it.