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2015-07-24 13:21:42 (UTC)

My other life

I dreamed last night about a life I was in that was nothing like the
life I am really in. I love dreams like that where I am in another

home, new people in it that I have never seen for does
that happen? How can I dream about a mate and family that I have
never really met or seen in my life? The color, smells, the feeling
of being loved and cherished was felt deeply.....I was so happy there.

Then I woke up.



I woke up this morning with my right ear area aching again..
This has been happening for a while now, and I had mentioned
it to my physician who said that if it continues, we will
have to investigate it farther. So, I called them this
morning, and they are calling me back with hopefully a
appointment to see someone. My mammogram came back ok.

My biological cousin died of brain cancer and she was in
her 40's. Not sure what this is. Might just be a ear drum

I want to know what is going on so I do not have to be concerned
about it. I do not want to have to be unavailable when the
BFF has her surgery in Aug.

Her birthday is next Thursday. She told me that she went to
her dads house this week for a birthday dinner, a couple of
her cousins were there but they did not call me. That hurt
my feelings. She got a scarf and some small items...but a
very good dinner.

I have her a I Pad. She will freak out. But I have been
waiting on her to get her wireless internet connected. We
should be having a go out to eat thing just her and I and
I will give it to her then. I wanted her to have something
small while she is recovering from her back surgery which
is late August. She may be in rehab for a week or so too...
Having this will be easy for her to stay in touch, get
and receive she has wanted one for a while.

She is like a sister to me. I take good care of her.
I want to be there to help during her recovery. But I
might get booted out by the cousins. I can not believe
they did not include me of all people in this birthday
dinner. Not sure what to think about it.

She calls me..and talks for hours...sometimes as long as
4 hours at a time. She goes on and on....about things...
and sometimes she repeats herself. She talks about people
that I do not know...and yes, it is aggravating, but I
figure it is her meds causing this behavior and I am always
there for her to rant too. She will need someone to help her.

I am sure we can all work in shifts if need be, but none
of them have contacted me to discuss it.

I have taken her to her appointments accept for one...where
all she did was talk to her doctors. I have tried to be
there and be supportive.

IN my life, I never know what people are thinking these days.

But what they do not know is I have issues too and I have
been trying to work around my issues, putting things off
so I will be there if and when she needs me to be, and my
husband would be there too.

It is a horrible day today to wake up to the LA theater shooting.

People are crazy as hell these days....a very sad thing to happen.
He was a man who attended law school, and he could not get
a permit to carry because of mental issues and criminal record.
Still was able to carry out this horrible act of terror.

I guess we will hear about this for days..and the President will
attempt to change the gun laws with another one of his executive
orders using that famous pen. This will not sit well with
many people and would be coming at a time when people are
already upset.....about the Charleston event.

I love Charleston South Carolina. It is one of the best cities
in the south. They will be just fine.

Not to sure about other places....people are crazy as hell...
and we find out how far they will go during these horrible
Scary to leave the house.

But we must continue to live our lives and put things in
GOD's hand. That is all we can do.

Eventually the only people with guns will be the criminals.

No common sense in this country......not in this day and time.