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2015-07-21 21:32:15 (UTC)

A better day

The Cable guy came today. It was so hot outside, I felt bad for
him. He crawled under our house and told us later that it was
cooler under there than outside. But he finally got my sons
cable box fixed so he can get the channels he was paying for...

That was a relief to have that done.

THEN MY RINGS CAME TODAY! OMG I will NEVER buy a ring again
that is not on sale. I got two engagement sets, one gold tone
and one white gold. Both are so beautiful. Both were 150 minus
70%....the real diamond/sapphire was 360 minus 75%. I am so
happy. They look great. I been wearing them all day.

The tops I ordered came in too. I got an extra large. They
look a little big so I may be losing weight. Not sure how...
but I may be.

I finished up washing any clothes blankets beach towels today.
That is over. Been on it for days. Told him I was not going
to wash for a while to save water. Do not want our well to
run dry.

We have real bad storms coming toward us in two different
directions...Will have to cut off my lap top soon.

Been watching the big brother feeds...if it was not for
the chat, it would be boring as hell. These house guest
are so predictable. The transgender girl has had a melt
down....I knew she would be able to handle being a have not.
She was in the DR for over 5 hours yesterday after talking
out of her head, crying, and saying she was hallucinating
and hearing things. I figured she was hearing voices..
she was acting very odd. Now, she has been in have not
room since yesterday...being fed pizza, omelettes, while
the other have nots are following the rules. She should
be out this week.
Then the game can finally start being played.

Good news is I am showing a house tomorrow...and it is
a good one for this buyer. If she likes it, I will be
writing up an offer this time tomorrow.

Going to split it with my daughter so I do not make too
much money. I have another deal coming up later in the year
where I will make enough to get through the rest of this

Things are looking up.

I am still planning my escape.

Probably to the beach