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2015-07-20 01:35:35 (UTC)

So excited for the week

OMG...I am so excited. Well, not real excited, but pretty much.

Last week, I took advantage of Macy's crazy ass sale and ordered
a couple tops and 2 engagement ring sets. One white gold
and one in gold tone and a diamond satire ring just like the
one I had to pawn a few years ago that my daughter bought me.

They should arrive early this week. My nails are polished
and I can not wait to put them on.

Pretty sad I only got absolutely nothing for our 25th wedding
anniversary. Guess he thinks the washer and dryer for the
family in his mind was my gift. I did not even get a card...
he did cook dinner. I am ok with it....

This weekend, I got them to take everything out of the linen
closet and I washed everything and threw out some things..
and when I put it all back in, it is sorted and looks so
much better. Today, I managed to get the son to clean his
room some.

It is a start. That is all it is.

But it is something...

I have not been doing too well with starting the diet again
or anything else the doctor told me. But seeing some progress
here is helping me feel better about the changes I need to

They may think I am doing it for them....but I am doing it for
myself. I am going to have my things organized so when I get
the money saved and I decide to get out of here, it will be
easier to do so...just pack it up and go.

I may end up staying here longer than I want too
but I am at least preparing for something.

Not sure what,
but something.

One thing is for sure, I am going to take care of me and
next week, I will be sporting new jewelry. Yeah...

Been a while since I felt worthy.

I am worthy.