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2015-07-19 04:26:38 (UTC)

New unfortunate information

I found out today more about the old friend who recently was
arrested. She is still in jail and probably will not get out
soon. Here is what she did or at least what I learned. She was
involved with a guy who had been arrested before and was wearing
one of those ankle bracelets. She cut it off for him. He hid
out at one of her other friends house with her for two weeks.

During the time they were together they went with another guy
to three different states and broke into cellphone towers to
steal the cooper. They were charged with doing a lot of
damage to the towers by doing so. So when she was finally
arrested, she would not give up his location and almost got
the friend where they were staying involved and she did not
know anything about the crimes. I was told that she will
probably do time for all this facing two felony charges so
far...and before all that she worked for a company that
sends people out to elderly folks to help them out running
errands, light house etc, I am sure you are all familiar with
those companies...well, she stole money from the elderly that
she was supposed to be helping. She is the one who had a job
at a grocery store and stole a debit card from a customer and
racked up a bunch of charges....

She has lost custody of her daughter who is now living with
the dad. Her mother is sick and very upset and disappointed.
Apparently she is on drugs very bad. I bet she has been
going through hell in jail. Being a criminal is one thing
but having to live with them is something else. She has
never been a bad ass or anything. I was almost going to
have to kick her tail myself when I suspected her of stealing
from me. But she would not even talk to me. If she had
opened her mouth, I would have kicked in her face. Stupid
bitch. I hate the way she is acting and hope she gets
the help she needs. She has lost her home, car, family
and friends...and this my readers is why you need to be
very wise to whom you allow in your house, near your family,
and allow to know much about u.

I started weeding out these types a long time ago. So
it going nowhere but downhill and i wanted nothing to do
with it. Those people that you help once and a while...
I helped her many times with different things...over the
years...but she started acting crazy and showing who she
really is. I backed off...and was no longer available.

MY other friend, the BFF is the only one right now that
I give much of a shit about. She works, owns her own
house, car, has a great family, takes care of her parents,
does shit all the time for people and has many great
qualities. I would do anything for her. She is a great

You can not help everyone. Imagine allowing someone you
know and trust to go into your parents or grandparents home
to help clean. Lets say you give them 100 bucks a week
every now and then...then you learn that your parent
or grandparent has no more money in their bank account.

How is that going to make you feel. Not only that...
people like this who travel with criminal types would
think nothing of going into a place like that where
they know an elderly person lives alone..and kill them
for their car, money, jewery etc. You MUST BE CAREFUL

this is very disappointing.