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2015-07-16 22:51:23 (UTC)

Another day another pain

Not getting enough sleep these days is affecting me so much. I am
a stress filled mess. Had to take a chill pill this afternoon.

I got my beautiful head of hair chopped off too. She cut it just
like I asked and it did look cute. But I am morning my hair for
a while. Sure it will grow out I know that. The grey even looks
good blended in with the short hair. That was the point this time.
I want the color to grow out and I will again let it grow back
out in its natural grey color or whatever it is. Whatever...

While at the shop, I learned that the Realtor that works there
is preparing to change her career so she will be only working
on a referral basis. I could have done this myself already if
my boss would have made me BIC for two weeks, but I did not
even have the guts to ask him. So, I will have to take that
class again to qualify to become a broker in charge and then
I can set myself up to also only work on a referral basis if
I choose too. But I am not concerned about it yet. I will
go through this year and leave things the same. If I do not
start earning some serious money to justify the cost of being
in this as it is, I will then get the ball rolling.

Still waiting to hear from the BFF about her doctor appointment
today in regards to her surgery. I am worried that she has not
got in touch yet. It is going on 7 o'clock and she has still
not called. I am praying she did not get bad news. Surely
to GOD they would not have let her come there alone to receive
bad news. Maybe I am just a worry wort.

Yeah, that is mostly it. the meantime, my house is a mess. I cancelled
the appointment to have it exterminator come spray for the ants
tomorrow. I did not have anyone to help me prepare for that.
So, they can live with the ants. I will just not worry with it.

I have my doctor appointment myself in the morning. So, she will
be sitting at home thinking about that tomorrow. The two of
us are going through some serious crap at the moment. It is
hard to be supportive when you really need support yourself.
We do the best we can.

I think I am more worried about her than I am myself...and
she is more worried about me than herself.

Friends to the end I guess.....