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2015-07-16 01:48:15 (UTC)

More update and ranting

I had to leave this morning to ride to post office to mail
some more post cards. Went by the drug store to pick up
some smoking patches to have here in the event I need them
after tomorrow as I attempt once again to stop smoking....

So, I am walking all over CVS looking for them and had to ask
the pharmacist who instructed me to go to front of store as
they were behind the counter. The girl was being trained
so she asked me for my license. I handed her my license.
The girl training her went on to explain to her how to not
ask for ID if someone looked older than 27. This was taking
a while, but we finally got it done. I thanked them and
turned to walk away...when a woman tapped me on my shoulder
and whispered in my ear that I had my blouse on inside out.
So, I thanked her too. OMG! WHat the fuck?

So, as soon as I go to my car and looked around, I quickly took
it off and put it back on as I sat in my car. I was going
to the grocery store so....hey, it needed to be done. Did
not even think about the possibility of cameras or anything
like that. Just did it.

So, I called the doctor to make the appointment to get that
blood work done and let her know about my stay at the ER.
I go Friday.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut. I think I will just let her
trim it this time and if I learn that I am going to
have to have surgery or anything like that, I will then
go get it cut shorter. Sharon Stone had a nice short
haircut in a movie I saw, not sure the name. She has
thick hair too. That will be the style I go for but
not yet..unless the girl talks me into it.

At the grocery store, I felt spaced out a bit. I had not
eaten all day. Maybe that is it. I have not been myself
in a while.

I do know that the short time I quick smoking, I did start
feeling much better before I back slid back into the bad

Still watching big brother feeds maybe too much. Not really
that exciting house quest this year. But I do have the
feeds to watch. It helps me pass time.

My cell phone has been ringing some recently...several calls
from GOOGLE asking me to do of those automated
calls. Been getting several a day. I just hang up.
Now, when they call, it appears to be a local number..
so I answer it thinking it may be somebody needing a realtor
from my mail outs. So, today I even got one from another
automated robot type saying that I could go on a free cruise.

I had to call my cell phone company....and they once again
told me to call an 888 number to put my number on the do not
call list. IF they call after 30 days, I can call the
number back and report them so they will be fined.

I am about as sick as I can be over that shit. Almost wanted
to change my phone number...but it is on my business cards
and my stationary....all over the place. I am about fed
up so much that if this is not resolved soon, I may just
give this career up. It is a sad day when you can not
conduct your business and live your life in peace...I do
not bother me.

Anyway...that is about it today.

More as it happens