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2015-07-14 19:45:44 (UTC)

Update on stuff

Nothing much to report. I had the mammogram yesterday. They did
a 3-D mammogram this time. Not sure why, maybe from all the questions
they asked last year about it. I had no answers, but maybe they
will be satisfied and things will turn out ok. I am not worried
about it at the moment.

I made an appointment to get my hair trimmed or cut or something
for Thursday. I really need something done to it. Want it grow
out natural. Looks like no way to do that without it all coming off
first. It will grow in time. Not too concerned about it.

I also called someone to come here and spray to hopefully get
rid of the ants. They are in the food, all over the pantry...all
he does is go in there to whip down the shelf when I say something
about seeing them. The only thing he asked when I told him
I was going to call them is MY GOD, HOW MUCH WILL THAT COST?

Stupid old man. He has proven once again that he intends to
do absolutely nothing that he promises to do when he says he will.
All he is doing is trying to put things off for one reason or
another....and the work he has done here has also proven
that he has no clue how to install a damn door properly. That is
obvious. His work has to be redone and talk about wasting money?

I am sick of it.

But right now, I am focusing on my health and my business.
I was up before the sun come up this morning so I could research
some addresses in areas that are popular right now around here.
I called and had a talk with my daughter too. I have been
preparing post cards to mail out today. I need some business.
I want to save more of my own money so when I get fed up with
this shit around here, I can just go. FUCK IT....

I have money saved already. IF I leave, I can add to mine
with part of our savings...should be ok for a while if I
can find a cheap place to rent.

I need to help my son to locate a place of his own so he can
go too. I need to be living by myself.

So, I will need to buy a washer/dryer, bedroom suite, living room
suite and have deposits and at least 6 months for rent if
I have to rent. I may get lucky and locate something to
buy, but I want to live alone.

Sick of people letting me down all the time

If he wants to live in this dump, then he can have it. He
can buy me out. Fine with me. He will never go for this...
but when he realizes that I am gone...and he gets notification
from a lawyer explaining what has happened...then he will
finally have this dump and his lazy ass can lay around on
that nasty sofa that he will not replace...the one that stinks
so bad, no one wants to sit on it....he can have it.

He can live with the pool that has fallen apart....I am so
sick of it.....

and the thought of him doing remodeling around here makes
me squirm knowing that he is not as good as he thinks he is
and he takes forever....I honestly think he has some sort of
mental problem....

which is also concerning. He will come unglued if I leave...
especially if I take my part of the cash. He will freak out.

But I will leave him in better shape that he was when we met.
He will have the house, and a good amount of savings, his
truck is paid for.....he has a house full of crap that I do
not want....he can have the 27 year old refrigerator that does
not keep food fresh.

I will buy a new one where I am going.


I am pissed today
can you tell