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2015-07-11 01:22:06 (UTC)

New Closthes

Went shopping with some of my birthday money. Got some clothes i really like
Like this black and grey shit it's so flowy... i love it!
haha yeah thats the extent of me being a girly girl...haha it just doesn't go well that often.
i mean i like my make up and to straiten my hair but thats it...i'm no modal and i'm no beauty queen in 6 inch heels. suck that sounds horrible.

But i think it's nice to buy something you like something your comfortable in something that makes you look good and feel confident. theres nothing wrong with that at all.
it's just a pick me up i guess?

anyways all for now have lots to do still today....gah. and i wanted to bake...not sure if thats gong to happen.