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2015-07-09 23:49:22 (UTC)

Friends who become criminals

I was at the post office today paying for my box rental when on
the way out I picked up a small town paper. It is free. I wanted
to look at it to see if I could place a add in it in the near future.
So, I left it in my date book until I got home.

So, a while ago I opened it up and flipped through the pages to
see what was going on round here. I have not thumbed through one
of these in a long time.

Then I see a group of three photos of people who had been arrested.
OMG! There she is right there with two of the bad boys who are
so in trouble they are still in jail. Breaking into Cell Towers
and those power stations, and buildings stealing all types of
stuff and causing thousands of damage in doing so. The guys appear
to be career criminals. But her? 40 years old with a daughter
and a son. Who does this crap? She was the friend who was hired
at the grocery store about the same time I was trying to get a job
there. She lost her job for lifting a customers ATM card and using
it to go on a shopping spree. Not sure how that worked out as
far as charges, but she did loose that job. This time, she is
facing two felony charges. I actually hope she goes to jail for
a very long time. Maybe doing so she will at least get off drugs.
And I know this is killing her mom. Lord have mercy.

I de friended her on Facebook. I had a run in with her myself about
some missing money from my purse one night. She knows not to come
around me. I had forgot she was still on there. I showed it to
my husband and he was shocked. I was not so shocked. When you
live a life on drugs that leads to crime and God only knows
what else....she is lucky to still have her kids this far. I
bet she does not have them now.

Very disappointing.

I smoked today too.

Disappointed in myself.

We are talking about going down to the coast for a week or two.

Will be making reservations soon.

I need this for sure.