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2015-07-02 20:02:12 (UTC)

Out of state.

Lets go pack it all up in boxes and bags load it in the cars, truck and trailer until we can barely fit in there ourselves and lets just drive!
lets move somewhere far enough away that nothing going on could follow us.
We only need family anyway. they are the only one's who will always be there right?

Lets go somewhere no one knows who we are and start brand new, sure it'll hurt to leave some of this behind but when the pain of leaving isn't as great as the pain of staying well then you know that it's time to make changes.

Lets meet all new people lets make all new mistakes lets try again.
lets go!
i'll cry and I'll be nervous and I'll probably end up hating it for a while but I think it will be better for us. it's got to be better for us right?
but what will happen?
what will become of everyone here?
what will become of us?
I don't know...

And my heart is breaking...but it's time.
lets run. lets run. lets run. I'm going to run.
I do not want to be here anymore.

God what am I supposed to do?!?!?!?