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2015-07-01 18:16:16 (UTC)

Hump day = Bad day so far

I got up early after getting very little sleep so I could go to
my eye doctor appointment. Plus he threw in another stop at the
bank to make a deposit.

I left just in time to go by bank first to make it on time to
the other appointment. His check was from a bank and it was
not a payroll check. The deposit did not have his or our
name on it, so I was a bit confused but went on with the task.

I give the lady the check and deposit slip. She told me after
giving me the receipt that the account was inactive. She used
another word. I just looked at her as she suggested that we
withdraw a dollar from it and then deposit it back into it.
HUH? I told her I would let him know and went on confused
even more.

I got to the appointment with time to spare only to learn that
my appointment was this afternoon, not this morning. SHIT!

So, I rescheduled the appointment for Friday since I have plans
with my family later on today.

Came home to tell him about that deposit and get some answers.
This account is a medical account he was to set up for his hip
from his settlement. They are sending us a check every year
to be deposited into it for the next 12 years. We can not use
the account for anything but medical issues in regards to his
hip. Oh....I get that. But told him he needs to go to bank
and tell them.

I was a wreck after everything had went wrong so far and told
him that I was going to go get a manicure. So, I left to
do that. I was hoping a little pampering to turn things around.

So, here I sit in the chair to get my pedi too...with my hands
in some sort of plastic thing that heats up a little. Used it
before, no problem. By the time she got to my hands an took
it off, the back of my arm in my wrist area was covered in
whelps kinda like hives. SERIOUSLY?

Man....what a day.

Still looking forward to seeing the girls this afternoon....
hoping it goes well and no one chokes to death.....