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2015-06-29 21:40:50 (UTC)

Gloomy Monday....sad day

Lost another classmate last night. She was so beautiful and everyone loved her so much. Cancer takes one more. I am heart broken once again.

My BFF finally learned about her upcoming surgery. It is going to be
more intense than we had first thought. So intense that he is asking
her to go to a surgeon who specializes in such difficult cases. OMG!
Now, she has to go see him in a couple weeks to set it up. We are
guessing that it will be in mid August. So we have that much time
to prepare. She is taking care of getting her car serviced today and a few errands. Tomorrow she has a crew coming to her house to do some
work there. After that is final, I will be helping her get her clothes
off the floor and hanging in her closet. By the time she is back
from her surgery, all this crap will be done and she will not need to
be distracted with nothing but her recovery.

Had a showing at our difficult listing Nothing has come of it but
more bad feedback about the road being so close to the house. Oh well.

If I do not find some business soon, I will be depressed about it. Not that I need the money, but I am concerned more about the company itself.
It appears that none of us are doing anything.

My daughter finally got in touch. She asked to let her oldest take
one of my smaller cameras to the church camp she goes to next week.
I charged it up and it is ready. Looks like I may get to have lunch
with them this week.

Looking forward to a reason to smile.