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2015-06-27 12:02:52 (UTC)

Working things out

I surprised myself yesterday messing with this computer. I was
trying to get to the control panel to delete cookies. Then, I found
the place where I could make some changes to the keyboard and low
and behold before I knew it, the numlock button worked and I could
once again use the numbers. Holy shit. So, if I can fix this laptop,
I can fix the other one. Maybe saying "fix" is the wrong word. Adjust
sounds more like it.

We finally got rain yesterday. It is cooler this morning and will be
all day. I was up early.

I think anyone who is a normal human being feels terrible when there
is any tragedy where innocent people are murdered in cold blood. That
school shooting was one of the worse, so much so it almost seemed facts began to change to suit the day. The theater shootings too, just another crazy person who needed to be locked up
way before this happen.

My heart broke with SC last week when that horrible event took place.
But once again the outsiders, meaning people who do not even live in the south have to stick their race baiting noses in front of cameras and or make their way to a hungry for a story reporter who will make sure that all this turns into something different than what it was.

Instead of being about a troubled young man who had been brainwashed to hate and think it was normal to kill people.....he thought he was making things better for the world. THAT IS SO OBVIOUSLY INSANE! If he was influenced by a group, then lets figure out how to avoid this from happening...lets protect other innocent people so all of us can feel
safe going to bible study, the mall, a movie, or sending our children to school.....lets figure this out. What went wrong with this kid?

But instead, the race baiters are turning it into a mission to take down the battle flag for the south, the Confederate Flag, sometimes referred too as the Rebel Flag. This flag had nothing to do with this recent tragedy. Nothing at all. Making it about a flag is only a distraction from the real problem. You can not even seek the truth to learn more about the reason if you are so distracted.

In the meantime, our handpicked Supreme Court make some pretty serious decisions with not a stir of resistance from distracted citizens...
once again, stirring the pot with more reasons for the people of
this country and the world to be distracted from what is really
going on.

We can not solve problems if there are so many people who have been
mislead into believing something that is not so. Just because they do
not teach the truth anymore in our schools or want to see a movie that gives a good indication of the truth or you want to take down flag that was flying high during many battles fighting for the southern people, including blacks...does not mean that the truth does not exist. This
whole tragedy has turned into something much worse and that is the
destruction of the real truth about our history and most of our heritage.

Me? My heritage goes back farther than the civil war. My ancestors were some of the Indians who lived on this land before the white man
came here and took it by killing, raping and murdering women and children with no mercy, no guilt and no more reason than to just take it.....I never hear the Cherokee Nation complaining about all that....
demanding that changes take place to make it right....whining about something that happened so far ago many do not want to believe it.
Believe it.

I believe the blacks had a rough time being slaves...but all that did not just take place in the south folks. Just like the murdering of native Americans.....that happened too. Native Americans are not
asking that you take down the American Flag. The fight is over...
we settled for what we got......and since the civil war many changes
has taken place to change lives of blacks. No reason to stir the pot
by complaining about the confederate flag. Removing it will do nothing but draw more attention to it. We do not see it much around here....

why? Most southern folks know it is offensive to some and because we are southern, we do not fly stickers on my rebel flag t-shirts here....we just do not partake in displaying it. Not our thing. So this entire stupid race thing is really nothing much at all but something being stirred up because of a very disturbed young man who murdered some innocent people in Charleston, SC.

Seriously sick of hearing about it..........

What I see is this.....if something like this causes the lies to begin to spread like wildfire to scare and cause uproar, then what other lies are we being fed? What other distractions are we being manipulated with?

Just my thoughts......