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2015-06-25 20:14:07 (UTC)

Still too hot for anything

I came down with cabin fever yesterday and left to take a ride
a couple times before finally riding over to the BFFs house to
pick up some things and see how she is doing. Looks to me like
she is getting things done. She has someone coming this week
to do a bunch of stuff including adding a roof over her back deck
making it a covered porch. They are doing some other things too....
just taking care of her list of things and soon she will be ready
to relax and prepare for her surgery. I am excited for her.

Although, back at home I see nothing happening. But the house next
door is still for sale and we are waiting to see what is going to
happen there. You never know round here. Right now though we are
still talking about different things....for instance, replacing
the deck boards on our bottom deck with that real nice decking that
you never have to do anything too. More our style. However, even
just doing the bottom deck is going to be very expensive. All I
need is a good closing and I can get it myself. I told him I wanted
to enclose the garage and make it a great room. The back of that
room would have the new deck so we could put up double glass door
that we can open up to that outdoor area if we wanted too. Lots
of possibilities. Plus it would be private. I need to complete
a drawing of it. But even I know I would have to pave the driveway
and have the carport put up to solve my getting blocked in problem.
A three car carport and lots of pavement for other parking. That
would have to be done first before we lost the garage. Then,
that crap in the garage? He would have to build or have a building
brought here for storage to put what he wanted to keep in.

(which would most likely be everything, being the hoarder he is)

But another thing we talked about was the fact that neither of us
really want to spend any of the money that we have saved. I think
most of this project will be paid for in steps by my real estate
closings. I am okay with that for now. But we are going to use
some of it to pay for the windows and sliding and new flooring.
I want the old crap updated before breaking ground on anything

The pool will have to be repaired and ready to open next year.
This could be done this year when it cools down. Right now,
I am concerned about snakes and crap like that hiding and lurking
under that pool cover. Lord what a mess it became with no one
to take care of it for two years. Something else to consider.
Do we really need this pool? It really is a lot of work. Maybe
look into something more simple, like a hot tub instead. I hate
to see all that wood we used to build it go to waste. He does
not understand the caring for this type of wood like most people.
He has done nothing to stain, nothing. It looks horrible.
And it really is not that old. Got that way fast.

I know other people who have decks much older than ours that look just
fine because they maintain them. He does not understand
maintenance at all. I think I am married to a hillbilly mountain
man sometimes. Although he use to build houses and has bragged
a lot about that, it appears that his work does not exactly match
all that boosting. Today I suggested hiring someone to do that
great room if we decide to do it. They would have to get a
building permit and at least I would know that was done.

Big Brother was on last night. Pretty fast show....and so far,
I have no favorites. I am leaning toward the poker player who
told them she was a second grade teacher.....that was cool.
Tonight should be interesting to find out what in the hell
and who will be coming into the house next. Not enough people
yet...and I am hoping they do not bring back anyone from
last season. Not my favorite season at all. I just hope
they do not end up messing it up so bad that the ratings drop
and they have to cancel it like they have American Idol. I could
barely watch it this year. Very disappointing.

None the less, I have ordered my CBS access so I can watch the live
feeds. Something I have missed and with the heat over 100 each
day and no relief in sight, I look forward to watching the live


Then, under the doom coming back on tonight.....I love it.
It is filmed in Wilmington, NC. That is cool too.

At least we got that. NC has the worse teachers and lowest
teachers pay in the country....we do not have much to be
proud of at the moment......well, ok many of the
American Idol winners were from NC. We do got that.

But talented people usually teach being
dumb because of the schools.....well, thank God most of the
good people move to other states......and learn more
about their craft there to succeed.