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2015-06-23 19:22:15 (UTC)

Sick of this

It gets old being stuck inside this house all the time.
Nothing is going on. I cancelled stupid dentist appointment
and when the heart doctor's office called asking if I wanted
to make an appointment, I said no. Fuck it.

I see no need in wearing a damn heart monitor.

I am not spending another dime for dental until the insurance
pays at least part of it. Come on.

As far as the heart thing....I have had palpitations before....
this time lasted a little longer and scared the old man....
I was ok. I am ok now.

Just tired.

Making changes.

I hope my BFF does not tell things about me like she does about
everyone else in her life.....I swear that girl give out some
very detailed information...and I hope she does not do that
about me. That is not good.

if she is that is.....
not good at all.

I have to be careful what I tell her. I hate that.

But she is on the ball taking care of her business....
and I am laying ( sitting up ) in bed wishing something was
going on....

He has not done one damn thing but sit on the sofa night and day
since he stopped working. Back to his lazy self.

We have things that need to be done....or at least estimates...
but nothing has even been mentioned. I am not going to say anything...
at least as long as he is not spending it, it is still in the

Maybe when things start to cook down, he will come back alive

no beach trip planned....not interested in going to the mountains
where it is cooler....nothing.

I will just plan my own damn trip.......and soon.

Sick of this shit.

Fuck it....

I am going to the YMCA!


at least I got that.