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2015-06-23 04:10:54 (UTC)

After the weekend....

He walked in here a while ago and asked me what time do we need to
be at the dentist office. He remember my next follow up appointment.
What he did not realize is that I had already cancelled it. I
simply do not feel up too being jerked around by dental people right
now. I do not need the stress. I was going to have to pay them
185 bucks and I already know that the dental insurance will not pay
for anything at the moment. I have already paid 1500 bucks to get
the deep cleaning. I think that is enough for now. We just
had to pay 250 bucks at the damn ER.

I looked at the paperwork and it said something about palpitations
explaining that is what they thought it was. It also said that
someone would be looking at the x-ray and the lab report and if they
find something different, they will call me. They should have
until Wednesday to get that done. I hope I do not hear from them.

I am still waiting on my new contact. I need to order them...
but can not until I find out if this one will work. Damn....

I have not felt great in a while. I do not want to talk to anyone,
see anyone, go anywhere....just want to lay in bed and watch TV.
I think I have seen every damn free movie that exists on our cable
plan. About to get sick of it too.

I have tried to quit smoking. I can make changes. This one will
be hard. Today, I went to the store....almost a 15 minute ride
going and then again to return home. I did not take any smokes
with me and I did fine. No smoking in my car.

Phone has stopped ringing. The problem with our latest listing
has been noticed. Now I know why they want to sell. Problem is
that possible buyers are now noticing the problems too.

PEOPLE? If you have several large dogs that you allow to come
inside your house....guess what? You may have stinky house.
Stinky rugs, drapes, furniture. Not something todays buyers are
looking for. It seems to me that most people live this way...
so hoping the right person may not notice the smell....

I can not fix it.

Right now I am about to just throw in the real estate towel
and just go ahead and retire.....I could take the BIC class
again and just work on referrals. I am ok with that.....

just not sure yet....just thinking about it....

I talked to my daughter on Saturday. I called her. First time
I have talked to her since school let out. I try to come up
with excuses for her absence in my life. I realize she is busy
but most people touch base with their mothers once and awhile..
matter a fact, she said she would call me back....she never did.

She did not call him on Fathers Day. I noticed that.

I can not count on her to help business or anything
else. I am not going to call her and tell her about the
heart episode. I will not be that type of parent who calls
to complain about health issues. Not sure what to think
about her. After that money business that happened last fall...

our relationship has not been the same......

I have not seen my granddaughters since Christmas.


I had hoped I would live long enough for them to come on their
own to visit me if they wanted too. But that may not be the
case anymore.

I am not going to do anything. That what others are doing...
nothing. Nothing is easy...sometimes hurtful, but easy.