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2015-06-22 14:00:04 (UTC)

Forced to change - no more choices

The girls night out was planned for a while. All of us were excited.
Although the BFF was doing things all week and it appeared she would make it. She bailed at the last minute. Something she does a lot.
But I have to remember she is turning 60 soon. None of us are spring chickens. I was reminded more of this later in the night.

I got a text from the main girl telling me that the business lady had
been there since 7:00 so I should come on. So I went on. We sat around talking for till 10 before we left. The new band her boyfriend started
was pretty good. Much like the other one, but more older music.
We liked it. All of us sat beside them. We noticed the place was
not that crowded much at all. But to make it short, I left at 12:00.
Home at 12:30. It was good to see the girls but I was so tired.

About 3:30 a.m. after trying to watch a movie I had recorded, my
heart started racing. It kept beating faster and harder until all I
could do was hold my chest. It was not really hurting, but freaking me out level was high. I have experienced this before, but nothing like
this. I could not get a reading on blood pressure gage. So, I thought it was broken until I got it to work on my husband. He told me to get he could take me to ER. Which we did.

When We left the house my pulse was 176. Very high.

I was monitored for a while until it settled down. The doctor explained to me that this was not normal and I should make some changes. You all have heard it before.

I thought I was going to die.

I was almost looking forward to it.