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2015-06-20 01:27:17 (UTC)

Friday night update

It appears that do not stop by here as often. Not sure why I
do not feel like sharing so much these days. My apologies to
anyone who felt concerned.

I met the BFF yesterday to eat dinner. Dinner was great and we
had a chance to catch up. She has been very busy doing things
and scheduling some maintenance at her house. She really takes
very good care of her place. Last year, she replaced the fenced
in backyard with a new fence. This year, she is having a roof
built over her back deck and new storm door. I can not wait to
see it. She is feeling much better since her last doctors appointment.
She will find out next week when her surgery is scheduled.

We left there and met some other friends at the pub. It got pretty
crowded in there for a Thursday night. We stayed late and just about
drank too much. Supposed to do it again tomorrow night. All of the
girls are getting together and all of us are so happy about it
Been a while since we did this. This crowd of girls are a nit
more laid back, so we will be talking more and drinking less. All
of us have been so busy this year. Lots to catch up on.

But because of last night, today has been a total loss. All I
managed to do today was wash clothes. Which is pretty easy now.
I washed every towel we have at once and dried them in less
than an hour. Still loving my new washer and dryer.

Business is slowing down. At least I am not getting results
from my for sale by owners. My latest listing which we were
expecting an offer is still not under contract. Several people
are seeing it tomorrow. I would love to get that one sold.
Too far away for me.....just too far away.

I have made some changes in my lifestyle lately. Hard to believe
I can just give up certain things cold turkey. I have a very
strong will power. But this morning when I felt like I was
having a heart attack, my heart was pounding so hard and fast...
did not hurt though...I took my blood pressure during this
episode and it was not elevated. For some reason, seeing that
it is not seems to calm me down some and I just ride it out.
I have had this happen before and it usually just slows down...
and I return to normal. Whatever normal is for me. It feels
like my heart is having a panic attack.

I was drinking coffee. Now, only one cup. I can not give
it up totally.

But even I know that if I have another attack like that and
it does not stop, I am going to have to go to ER. Lucky for
me we have a new one here and I can get there in 5 minutes.

Whatever...I am rambling.