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2015-06-17 05:16:48 (UTC)

The thing about snooping.

The thing about snooping through someone's phone when you know you shouldn't be... is you might find a conversation about yourself and you may not like what was said...
In fact you might be highly offended and hurt by it but you literally can't say anything about it because you were snooping through some on else's phone.
Yeah...that's my feeling right now.
Timothy ' s phone...
A conversation about a separate conversation
They were saying I didn't know what I was talking about and that I didn't have a right to even talk about this subject because they think I'm not educated on it.

That I was just blindly following the opinions of my parents and that my question if something was morally wrong was stupid because morals didn't have anything to do with it in that context.
I'm upset that two people I'm close to would talk about me like that behind my back and I'm upset that I can't say anything to either of them and I'm just hurt.
And I guess that's what I get for snooping *sigh*