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2015-06-15 22:01:11 (UTC)

Monday Monday can't do that day.....

With the pool was open. If it was, I would be in it all damn day
and I would have my coolers full of ice and bottles of water and cold
beer. But no. It is not fixed or open yet. Hell, It is so damn hot
today the wood on my deck would probably melt the soul of your shoe
or feet.

Two kids bitten by sharks yesterday right at the place I was trying
to get reservations for a while back. That is where we always stay when we go there for a few days. If he is working, we lease a condo near there. That pier has cold beer and that restaurant is off the hook.
It has a small bar up front as well. Sad to hear this though. Not
going to stop me from going there though. I love that place. Wish
I had a house there. I feel at home on that Island. Met a lot people
recently who go there too. Matter a fact, the new barmaid down at the pub, K said she started out working as a bartender at the oak island
country club and a guy came in there who owned a bar up the Island.
He asked her to work for him and she worked for him a few years. She
is a much younger than me. I do not know much about her. But she
should be down there right now. At least she said she was going down Sunday morning.

Business is picking up again. I am on the move again.
Bet I have ran out a tank of gas in two weeks. Should be
paying off in a month or so. Things are getting scheduled.

Today, we had a listing professionally measured. The numbers did not
add up with tax records or what I come up with. I think it will be under contract by tomorrow. I have changed the sq. ft. where it needed to be changed according to his findings. The boss told me too.

I know how to measure sq. footage. I do not use one of those laser measurers that you point at walls. Bullshit. I use a tape measure
and a note book and pen and a calculator. My measurements should not be off by as much as they are this time. I think I am right. He is wrong.
Not my problem now. I hope. I think that having exact numbers instead of approx. is causing us to more liability. Especially when we bring in a so called professional The bottom line ends with me. If he is wrong and I use those numbers. I am still wrong. Whatever.....
I liked things when they were more simple. Why does everything have to be so hard?

Just send me the OTP and lets close it.

Too hot to go to beach. We have broken a heat record that went back to the 1800s. Not sure how accurate they measured and recorded temps back then. Again, we rely on others for accurate information.

I am not interested in breaking records. I will say it is hotter than hell outside and I would have to pour bags of ice in the pool if it was open. I am not going out there.

I did go to eye doctor today. He has to order a contact for me to
use. I am not sure if he understands what I am saying. It is not just blurry, it feels different. It feels like there is something under the contact, and my eye probably does not swell, but it feels swollen....
I am not saying it is just saying it feels like something is going on.

One step at a time.

Hope I am not going blind.