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2015-06-13 07:02:19 (UTC)

Lets ride the Wave.

Some people say emotions and moods are like Roller costers.
I'd say they are more like waves to be honest.
Sometomes your on top of the wave riding it, still dealing with all the tough things and horrible things...your just riding the wave, rolling with the punch's
And sometimes your under the wave...being beaten by every new wave that rolls over you...sometimes your diving into the wave coming...and sometimes it surprises you and you feel like your going to drown...
Yes i think waves are a better compareson.

What do you think?
What would you compare it to?

Anyway this has been the longest week i've had in a long while...
Its had lows, and then deep six's... Yeah...
Its been hard and emotional and...
Up and down but mostly down.
I've been Riding the wave...
But yesterday i rolled with the punches... Yesterday keeps hitting me.
And thats been everyday this week.

Lets ride the wave....lets get on top of it.
Lets float for a while okay?