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2015-06-12 13:21:22 (UTC)

Brain washing to lose weight

OMG! I could be onto something. You may recall the incident with
the ants in the food from our pantry. Well, since then, I do not
eat anything from that pantry unless it is from a can or in a sealed
container. No, there are no more ants and the food compromised by them has been replaced, the pantry was cleaned thoroughly. But for some reason, I just can not get passed the fact there were ants in there.

Now, after making that mounds bar like candy last week and it with the help from my brilliant husband ( thank god he is good in the kitchen )
it turned out great. So, imagine having a non stop supply of a mounds bar just sitting there on your countertop. You know it is there and you eat a piece every time you walk by. It was so good. Yes, I probably gained a pound or two last week because of this crazy addicted to food behavior. But this week in my mind I can still remember the taste and the texture of that coconut in my mouth as I chewed it slowly....even though the melting chocolate made it bearable, I have replaced the reality of this wonderful toe tingling experience with another truth.
It was maggots. That candy was made of maggots pretending to be coconut and wearing chocolate to fool us. This week, I can almost feel the maggots moving around inside of me. I can sill taste the mounds bar when the thought comes to me. I will Never eat anything with coconut in it again, no mounds bar, no cake, nothing. As far as I am concerned, coconut is maggots eggs and they hatch inside of your body.


Now...if I can figure out what disgusting animal cheese could become.

A preview of the cheese transformation will be a big fat 12 inch rat.

I have lost five pounds.

It is getting easier too.

I am brain washing myself.

I recall when my daughter was about 7 years old, one of my friends stopped by our house. She had her little boy with her who needed his diaper changed. She changed him on my counter top in my kitchen.
No amount of bleach could convince me it was ok to ever use that

part of my kitchen counter top again.

She was one of my friends who at her house, it was like a county land fill smell, she had little dogs running around and small children all living in the same un-kept mess. I saw her once take a pacifier out of a dogs mouth and shove it in her kids mouth. No sheets on the beds at her house and piles of dirty laundry. But she was an old friend, who knew she would grow up and live this way? But that day she stopped by, she also left a spoon that she used to feed her son with while visiting. I had that spoon mixed in with our spoons for years but I would never ever use it. It was a brain washing thing then. Maybe not as useful as this food thing is.

You never know. This could be a new way of therapy if it is not already. You could brain wash all the bad things out of your life, not just food, but people, places, things.

I am going to brain wash myself to believe that I have no money in the bank to spend, to have access too or transfer will be like stealing. Stealing from my future. I am a slave to my own future and the funds are not mine yet. They belong to my future self.


Try it