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2015-06-12 03:43:36 (UTC)

It's been a long day.

"Its been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again"

Kinda the song that came to mind just now randomly so i decided to start this entry with it since i didn't really know where i was going with this one other than to say that it has been a really long day and i've kinda felt alone because of Salts preocupiedness and i don't blame her hey she's and Aunt again...that huge.
God help the Child.
But also with Peppers...well yeah and i feel...weird.

i went with the Hulk and he Sang in Arapaho.
he did great and a Veitnam VET told me his life story which was cool maybe i'll write about it on here some other time. or write a story and use some of the expeirences in it.
He talked about being in the Uk for two years in London and in Ipswich and i knew where both were of course one because of having been to Londan and Ipswitch be because of Jay.

Caught Salt and Pepper talking to YMMAT after Prayer meeting i was happy i got to see them because i missed the prayer meeting.

So with Peppers Arrest and bail out she will have to step down teaching at church and at the PCC.
which mean FC will be insane because me and the Queen will be the only sponsors and i'm super stressed out about it...ahhhhhhhh
I'm not going to go to the Tanzania Training because i can't be spared and i've already decided this and no amount of talking or ordering will make me go back on this.
I'm also not going to be an Encourager because we need more eyes and ears around this year.
*sigh* what the heck is going on? why is this happinging what is the plan with all this?
God you know...and i trust you. just give us a peace about it.