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2015-06-12 00:25:23 (UTC)

Almost being killed really sucks

I had a busy day. It started out this morning with the shower and hair thing...which really is no easier with it all cut off than it was when it was long. Oh well. Then a trip to the carwash and cleaning up that
car. Then, loading it up with the files, measuring tape, flash light,
camera, and my gun. But I forgot about the gun because my damn phone kept ringing off the hook.


I took off a bit early so I could ride by a couple of these
properties so we would not be lost as I had scheduled them
pretty close together. The first one had damn alarm. I was
dreading that. Why turn on a damn alarm when you know someone
is coming to show your property? Just leave it off. That way,
you have not revealed your code to others. I have never understood that.
Plus, me having to run in to disarm an alarm makes buyers think there might be in a rough area if you have to have an alarm. Think about

Okay, the first one was lovely, but the second one was all brick,
all one level, large beautiful lot with a small fenced in yard.
Corner lot too. It has an office, 3 bedrooms and a large great room
with a fireplace that was open to the sunroom too. It had a sunroom..
lord. Nothing to do in that one but maybe change the counter tops.

She loved it, her daughters did too. She is going to tell him this is the one and get him here to see it asap. Hoping to be writing an offer next week.

I was so happy to be on my way home.

It took a while to finally get close enough to call the bff to
see if she still wanted to meet to get something to eat. We talked about this last night and I had not eaten all day. She proceeds to tell me that she did not get out to run the errands she had planned, but instead had been staying at home and did not feel like leaving. This is becoming the norm with her these days. I look forward to the day when she is repaired, healed and back to normal. I went ahead and called
the husband who was expecting me to not be home to tell him that I was coming home instead. He asked me if I had any money with me? I said no, but I can get some. He said I should stop by sonic burger. I said I would not mind doing that. Then, he said well, he thought he was just going to try this new place near here. I had given him the menu before I left. I was not sure what he meant and drove on.

On my way into town, I had decided I would just go by the ATM then go to this drive through where I can get rice, chicken and broccoli. with carrots. It is reasonable too. So, I pulled in here after going to the bank. There was a line of cars so it took a while, but worth it. I pulled out of the parking lot parallel with hwy 27. I was the first in line at a red light. Still had not decided if I was turning to pick up cigarettes or was I going straight? I decided to go straight and not worry about cigarettes, I have some at home. Home is close.

In too deep of thought to 100 percent to pay attention. I could not understand why my husband first asked me to go to sonic burger then say he was going to go get something somewhere else? Huh? I was somewhat confused about I learned later was nothing at all.

The light turned GREEN. I took my foot off the brake and started rolling forward. My foot had not touched the gas pedal yet. Now,
usually in these situations, I always look both ways before I pull out into traffic after the light turns green. You never know...who might not get stopped at a red light. Right?

So, right when my foot touches the gas pedal my head turned to the left ever so slightly....( I was in a daze )

just soon enough to feel the rush of air as the 18 wheeler zoomed passed the intersection speeding like crazy and running the red light. If I had pulled out like most people do who are in a hurry during that time of day, I would be dead for sure.

I was in a daze. I had to sit there a second to compose myself. The guy behind me saw the whole thing. He knew I was getting ready to die if I had pulled out. My little car would have exploded along with me. He slowly shook his head as he waited for me to pull out. I was grateful to make it home alive today.


When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself if I had not took that split second to not be killed yesterday, my husband and son would already know by now of my death and they would have already told my daughter, and she would have told the boss. My BFF would probably have no idea yet, but she along with many others would be hearing about the accident and my death today.

Then I remembered something that was said at my daughter's father's funeral.

"We live our funerals every single day of our lives"

Please be careful at stop lights no matter if you are in front,
or behind someone, just because the light turns green does not mean you should fly off like a bat out of hell. Pay attention and do not run into the back of someone and shove them into a certain death.

Again, I am grateful to be alive.

I am blessed to have another one and I will be taking
advantage of this one. Even though I already know my son has blocked me in again. Instead of complaining, I intend to get estimates on a addition to our driveway that will provide him and my husband both a place to park their trucks out of my way.

A reason to make money is very motivating indeed.

Today, I will be going through the pile of crap on my desk that needs to be filed away. Then I will address my closet. I need to make sure I have a balance in my life that includes maintenance of space and solving problems to make room for a safe easier future.

Always think ahead.
Backwards is the wrong direction.
But always be alert and cautious when moving forward.
Learn from mistakes, do not die because of them.

Oh yeah, when I got home, my husband was waiting on me before
going to get the food. He had not ordered it yet. I was
misunderstanding the conversation. He was still discussing
when I thought he was explaining. Something we all do.

And yesterday I almost died with the wrong worries on my mind.

Think about that!