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2015-06-10 17:57:32 (UTC)

Penny News, FB, jail Bird.

So Pepper plans to tell the Hulk and The Queen about being arrested tonight before it comes out any other way by any other person.
She wants me there with her and I of course said I would be there and I'd be there for her.
But I'm nervous...super nervous this will change everything and even though I played it down in front of Pepper I think she know it will change things in their eyes too.
It make me sad for her because of all she wants to be able to do and be
but I'm also sad selfishly for myself because they will never look at her or trust her the same way again and that will effect me. The golden Trio of every bad joke.
yeah...as much as I say(and mean) that this isn't worth ruining the friendship and how I'm not going to walk away from her or anything.
This does change things.
*deep breath*

Nervous, Nervous, Nervous Energy. Gah AHHH Can this day just go faster...sheesh I feel like the one who's guilty because I know about it and can't tell Them and I know for sure I'll have to face the Queen before to long and she's going to ask how last night went and I'm going to have to say something like: "oh it was fine, Good we watched pitch perfect two and hung out with Salt for a while and fell asleep around 3."

and conveniently leave out the part where Pepper Got arrested and was in jail and that's basically what we talked about all night long and how we were gong to have to tell them about it soon....AHHHHHHH

okay so I already have this thing about not breaking the law...and ever ending up in that situation...um now that feeling is doubled no, tripled and I am determined to never do anything to... ever be in that situation to ever feel the shame and loss and regret that Pepper did and does.
omg. just hearing about it and watching how freaked out she is was scary enough.
I think I learn well on other people's mistakes.

God I'm scared and I'm not even the guilty party...
I can't imagine how Pepper must feel...sheesh.
just let this turn out okay...Its got to right?