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2015-06-09 13:48:29 (UTC)

After the rain..

Man I love to smell the air after the hit the smells
so refreshing in the morning. I got up early and almost decided
to cancel my check up today. But in the end, I did not. I am
getting this over with today.

The mammogram will be next after I break the news to the dentist
that I will not be letting them do all that work on my teeth.
It is denture time. LOL

So, this morning, I have been going over the house I want to show
my buyer this week. It is clear that if we do not find something
she loves this week, she is done looking. I bet she changes her
mind when winter hits and she has to spend another brutal winter
up north. So, I intend to save her from that, by locating
the perfect house. I have some real winners picked out and
I figure if she does not like any of them, then she was not
that serious anyway, but one thing is for sure, no luck this
week, I too am done.

I do this to make money, not give tours of beautiful homes
for entertainment. Get that straight. I love seeing them
too, but the best part is when we locate one that is going
to become someone's home. That is my goal this week.

He had to work last night. Not sure when but this should be
his last week for a while. I am ready for him to be home.

He said he would take my car to be inspected. That is a load
off me. He should be doing the man stuff anyway.

I am a woman.