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2015-06-06 14:28:08 (UTC)

Update Changes

Hard to believe it is Saturday already. I was going to cut grass
today, but it has been so dry here it has not grown much. We had
rain yesterday and last night. Maybe it will grow some and I can
cut it next week.

I do not want my readers to assume I am insensitive about the old
friends and their mortgage situation. I really know a bit more about
it and do not feel comfortable revealing enough to explain my feelings.
But honestly, when a seller is facing foreclosure then it is best for
them to work with a Realtor who specializes in those types of transactions. I do not. I had already told his mother that I did
not want to be involved in any of their real estate needs at this
point. She had an estate transaction and now her son tells me this
about his situation. I do not do those types of transactions.
I can not give legal advice either. All I can do is suggest that
they have a lawyer help them. I love them very much and hate
to see any of them go through anything like losing a house. But
my own son lost his house and we all survived. They will too.

My lost cousin bff told me last night that she has signed the papers
and the her dads house is now all hers. She intends to do some
updates and at least stay there for two years. I am very happy
for her. She knows I love that house and hoped she would do this.

My other BFF is still healing but a house came up for sale in her
area with a garage on a corner lot. I had sent it to the other
girl and it always happens this way doesn't it? We finally find
the perfect house for her and she has already signed to keep
the house she is in. I just told her that at least she knows
about it and if anyone were looking she could let them know about
it. So all is good. I was hoping to get to see this house.
It is on the same street my other BFF is on. I would have had
both of them on that same street. We could walk back and
forth. But it was not meant to be.

I tried to make mounds bars last night. It seemed easier than
the marshmallow thing I attempted the night before that turned
out horrible more like plastic than anything eatable. All I had
to do is prepare the coconut part and put in freezer while
I melt the chocolate chips. How easy can it be? Ok, I did
not have a double broiler. So I used a stainless steel pot,
one of my favorite pots. I started the chips off low to
medium heat. It was taking forever. Finally I turned it
up a little and they appeared to be melting some. But the
end result was a glob not melted chocolate to dip the
coconut balls into to cover with hard chocolate after it dries.

DID NOT HAPPEN! I tried melting the Glob in our microwave...
in one of my favorite pampered chef mixing bowls. Later I
realized that the glob was growing I could see it through
the glass door. I opened it and it was like a volcano of
burnt bubbling substance right in the middle of the glob.

I stood there in shock. I had used all the chips.

So, this too is a failure. And I may have ruined my favorite
pot and mixing bowl. I had actually throw away the bowl I
used for the marshmallow thing.

Lucky me again. My husband comes home early and calls on his
way home asking if I need him to pick up anything at the store?
I explained the deal with the chips. He told me to leave the pot
and bowl for him to take care of and he will bring chocolate chips.

Lucky me.

It could have been my guardian angel helping me to stay on the
diet thing I am kind of on. I have been trying to stay away from
the sweets. I feel smaller. Why fuck that up?


The mountain lady friend is moving for sure up the road from
me. This could change my life some having her so close by.
We shall see. I like it.

She called me last night. I was actually talking to her when
the lost cousin called. I took the call and called her back.
I think we talked for at least an hour and a half then. She
had to take a call then, she called me back and we talked for
over two hours. It is a good thing we use the same carrier
and are not charges for all that time. But she needs someone
to talk too and she has it.

I may have mentioned that a bunch of folks were arrested in
this town recently. Well, one of them was one of her cousins
who lives with her 80ish year old aunt. It was awful for
the cops to come early in the morning to arrest that girl
in front of her grandmother and 3 children. Good lord.
She is facing jail time. It is scary. I let her talk and
talk about all that. I reminded her that all things are not
as they seem. Jus because someone says they have changed
does not mean they have. A scam is a scam and a scammer will
get what they need from any means possible. One story after
another reveals that the girl is just that. And it is her
problem. Her dad is leaving her in jail. SS said the kids
could stay with the grandmother for now. But if that changes,
their grandfather should be the one to step up. I know my
friend is not in good enough health to take care of teenagers.
Yeah, mouthy ones. Something new to teach your children
while raising them. Kids? If you talk like a gangster and
behave badly and do not respect me or others, if something
goes wrong in our future and you loose me? You may find yourself
in foster care or a state run facility with God knows who
running it...instead of your grandparents, aunts and other
cousins. Something to think about.

Real talk