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2015-06-05 20:07:23 (UTC)

A-Z Challenge (D)

Doubt: A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

Doubt something that seems to constantly hang over us all.
We doubt ourselves.
We doubt other people.
We doubt that Honesty exists anymore.
We doubt that things will turn out good.
We doubt that when days are good that the good days will stay.
We doubt our Friendships and Relationships.
We doubt our own thought and our own sanity.

I doubt that things will ever be fixed in the relationship and friendships that I have that our broken.
I doubt I will ever not feel hurt by certain things.
I doubt I will go far in life on my own.

I got into a fight with someone very close to me today and she was very angry at me and took the time in a 30 minute car ride to tell me so...
she chewed me out and insulted me, cut me down and pointed out every flaw about me she could think of... and it takes someone really close to you to go that deep to cut you down that far that it hurts you that much.
and I just sat there...I could have fought back, screamed and yelled, argued and pointed out things she was doing(and have been in the right) but I didn't I stayed silent...praying to God for the strength to do so.
and she really hurt me and I cried after she left after I was able to get out of that car that felt so claustrophobic.
I feel like crying now thinking about it.
I feel like shit right now... I feel hurt and alone and like I'm nothing.
and I'm filled with doubt...doubt that I could ever do or say the right thing.
Doubt that I'll ever be the person I should be.
Doubt that things will ever be completely okay between me and this person ever again and that scares me because I can't...not have this person in my life.
I doubt that I will not, not feel like crying for the rest of the day at least...probably more.
I just feel Empty and I hate that a person who's supposed to love and lift me up could and did tear me down so much.
*shrugs* guess that's life.
anyways here are some quotes about doubt...hopefully they will be more uplifting then...my actual feelings on the subject right now.

"I show you doubt to prove that faith exists."
-Robert Browning.

"If you are going to doubt anything In life doubt your own limitations"
-Dan Brule

"Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever will"

"When in doubt: Don't"
-Benjimin Franklin

"Doubt is a question mark (?)
faith is an exclamation point (!)
The most compelling, realistic, believable stories Have included them both"
-Criss Jami

"Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we might ought win by fearing to attempt"

"Truth is beautiful with out doubt, but so are lies"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Feed your faith and your doubt will starve to death"

"self-doubt is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing"

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your beliefs"
-Chase Crawford.

okay guys I'm already in a bit of a better mood... seeing some positive reinforcement and just taking the time to do this entry helps me.
maybe it could help you too...
Everything's not okay yet but hopefully someday it will be.