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2015-06-05 00:19:30 (UTC)

Thursday adventures

I am not sure anymore if I can trust everyone in my circle anymore.
Having conversations with people I have not seen in a while and
realizing that the communication experience has changed considerably.

When I hear they have not made a house payment in four years
and all the trouble they have had with the mortgage company
even said they would pay and the loan company would send the
payment back. So they were left confused. Got involved with
one of those companies that claim to be the go between for you
and the loan company. I had heard something about this before
but nothing personal with it. Sounds like a nightmare. I am
not even sure if they sale the house if they can walk away
with any money not knowing if there are going to be fines,
late payment fees for 48 months. OMG I had to leave.

I can not help everyone. Not my expertise.

My son is busy working with that race car tonight.

I was exhausted after yesterday. The appointment went well and
we stopped in and had dinner at the fish camp and sat by the river

on a new outdoor deck with a bar all covered! It was wonderful.
But by the time I got home, I was ready for bed.

Today has went by fast and after my trip to town hanging out
with some old friends, I am exhausted again. I get tired
having to carry on conversations. I did not want to think
hard today. I was not in that gear. I guess I need to
be oiled or something.