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2015-06-03 13:44:07 (UTC)

Wednesday getting back 2 normal

My car is full of gas, her printer and the walker are in the back
seat. I will have them ready to take inside her house when I get
her back home and settled. Then, I will only have one pile of
stuff to take to donate and more clutter will be out of here.

We are hoping

Two or three more days of work for him and he will be here home
all day.

Business is picking up. And I am getting prepared to go do what I
need to do when I need to do it. I may need to take the hair a bit
shorter, but not too much. It is easier to style, but still takes
too long. I can towel dry it and style it with my fingers while
it is damp and it is fine. Just a little shorter will make it
even easier. I want to be able to also have it easier if at the
beach or poolside using a ball cap or hat. I am almost there.

I predict and pray I am correct that I will be walking in the
beach within two weeks. Maybe not though when he sees how
much it will cost. I would not agree to go and spend a large
amount of money with so many other things in the wings coming
up soon to need cash for.

One, the dental crap? I have given it some thought. I will not
be paying major amounts of money to keep these teeth. I
have crowns and a bridge. I will not pay to have all that
redone. They will need to be more practical with the price
when it is discussed or the talk will move more towards just
pulling the damn things and getting dentures. I mean hey,
I am old and dentures is just a part of being older.

I would save enough money to pay for new windows or a remote
control canapy on our deck when it is repaired and usable
once again. Who knows? I am not vain enough to give a
shit about having a lot of money in my mouth when this
house is falling apart around me. That is more important
to me.

Makes better sense too.

Hell, if I had the money I would get a touch up face lift.
After seeing what can be done to a 65 year old man, I am
thinking wonders could be done with a 62 year old woman.
Right? Hell yeah but I am too cheap to do that too.
Maybe if we win the lottery or something.

The rain has dropped the temperature to a very nice day
to take her to get that shot in her back. After watching the
early local news, am I supposed to be in fear or excited that
I will have to drive right past a murder scene. Another
humans life was taken with several gun shots fired into
a neighborhood right near the main highway. Charlotte is
becoming a very dangerous place to live. Murders and gunfire
are becoming the norm here and that is scary. Crazy shit.

I understand our country is fucked up. They want us all to
believe that everything is fine and improving until an election
year when we are exposed to the raw truth. Many are dropping out
of schools, giving into gang activity when faced with little
other choices to make. I get that. It is a lifestyle now...
and it is all around us.

Not just the young people finding themselves up shit creek.

Recently when a whole bunch of people in this town and
a couple bordering towns were all arrested and thrown in
jail for selling drugs. Most of them were older than me...
and we see many more homeless over here too. Not just
middle age misplaced men either, lots of older people!

All these facts reveal a more realistic truth about what
many of us and or our old friends or neighbors are really
going through. Most of us are fucked. And those who are not
are close to it.

It has to be hard as hell to be a single mother in this
day and time. I thought I had it hard, but I was lucky.
No single mother is finding herself feeling lucky today.
If so, that is rare.

The cost of continuing your life with dignity is becoming
impossible. I can not do it. I find myself giving up
on the part that was supposed to be the best years of
my life. I worked hard for this part. It is not
working out as I had hoped for me or many others...
money simply does not last long anymore. Saving it
is almost impossible.....

I find it insulting that I had to pay 600 bucks two times
in one week to get my God Damn teeth cleaned so before they
can fix a couple cavities that will result in the need
for thousands of dollars more work. Seriously? And all
that is with dental insurance! Seriously....

Shit, now that I have had a very informed conversation with
the lady who works only on referrals? Hey, I can do that.
Would not need to have a mouth full of lovely teeth to
do that either.

Losing teeth is a part of life. Developing wrinkles is too.

Was hoping to grow old a bit more gracefully, but what the
hell; plans change sometimes and I am sure I won't be