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2015-06-03 01:08:04 (UTC)

Days getting shorter as I run out of time

Seems like things are speeding up. As it does when business
starts to pick up. I am going to have to talk to the boss
about the Bulk mailings. He will have to call them. If he
can set it up, I will design the material. I can not create
business accounts, that is his place. If he agrees.

My PA lady is coming into town next week. I can not wait to
show her some stuff. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday...
so I may get the boss to show her our listing. They might think
it is too far out, but it is a good deal compared to the other
properties we have in the town she wants to be in. They are going
to have to raise their budget now. Last time, most of what
they wanted to see was under contract. Hoping our luck changes.

I prepared a chicken pot pie this afternoon. I am going to have
to figure out a new recipe for my crust. Something has not been
working out. I need something that works better than this.

I made a smaller one too for the BFF. I have my not so old
Printer, a walker and now a chicken pot pie to put in my
car to take to her house when I pick her up. She does not know
I am bringing to the walker, but may as well be there for her
after her surgery. It should be coming up soon.

I am in a money making mode....again. I am ready to make some
too. Got the classes over with...and now MLS dues are due again.
I need to pay off my HSN account. And throw some more in my
property fund. LOL Won't be long now and I will have a condo
at the beach. My score is up and I am almost ready to do it.
Why wait till someone else is ready? I can do this my self.
And I will.