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2015-06-02 00:43:22 (UTC)

Monday Update....

That is funny, I took the update class this morning and it
flew by...and I was out of there on my way home. Met a lady
who works only on referral. She said she took a trip to Spain
this year. OMG! I loved her. She was living my dream life.
I really enjoyed meeting her. She was from SC and was staying for
the next class. I wish now I had invited her to lunch. She just
seemed like someone to know. Oh well. Maybe next year I will see
her again.

I was so happy to drive home. But I did stop in at Utra to pick
up a darker shade of that bare minerals I am using. Getting outside
to cut grass is tanning me darker, so I needed to make the

Speaking of CHANGE! OMG! I love the new and improved
Bruce Jenner. Caitlynn now and at 65 years old, she looks
better than Bruce's ex for sure. I am sure he was not intending
to do that, but it is clear that Caitlynn is a woman and she
is here to stay. I can not wait to watch his reality show.
I had no idea this would turn out so good. She is beautiful!

I think I am extra tired tonight because I did some house cleaning
for the past couple days and I have over did it again. My house is
looking better. I actually mopped the kitchen and washed all the
throw rugs I use and I wash them so much, they were not that bad.

My BFF has some several 3-4 hour conversations with me. I know she
spends more time alone than I do. But the fact is, recently the
guys are just not here or awake much, so I do feel like I am
here alone most of the time. Hell, I am alone right now.
At least she has that cat. I don't.

I have some things I needed to take care of this afternoon...
and while in the class, I learned our new listing has a
showing tomorrow. Might just be another realtor who wants
to do a walk through to compare. It is near a pretty new
subdivision and there some being built and some for sale
already. We are priced right. Today, I fixed a issue
with the showing service. I think I liked the old
showing service we used better than this one. But
we got it fixed quickly. Then, since we are having
a showing, I went ahead and added needed attachments
on the listing. So, I am ready for an offer to come

Still working on some more marking material to mail out.
I think I need to come up with something to mail to the
apartment complex here in town. They have weird addresses
in there. I am not sure, but I think what I will do this
time is just call the POST OFFICE and ask to find out
how to mail out the advertising like we get. I could just
mail out flyers to everyone in town and the other towns
I have buyers looking. That would include the apts and
other homes and businesses. So, I need to really make
this work for renters, businesses, and home owners...

I found out today also after doing some research just
who owns the property of acres of land with a small
pond. It borders the 54 acres of land that is owned
by the folks who let me help them sell their home
last year. I have all that information updated in
their folders. I need to touch base with them soon
I think something is up with that land he owns
because one of the nicest almost 2 acres with a
major workshop, which actually was a cabinet making
shop, it is that big it is all for sale. So, I clicked
on the large parcels that borders it and found this
property which has acres of land around that pond
and it also borders my past clients property. That
was a cool find. If he were to be thinking of
putting up a subdivision, I need to find that out.
I need to be on top of it. I should call the zoning
board and ask if anyone has put in for rezoning or
applied to do environmental phase I testing in that
area? Hmmmmm there has to be a department who
would have that information. I need to know.

The house is too small for us, but he would love
that damn shop. He would have his clutter packed to
the ceiling and hanging off the rafters in a month.

This is my life.

I am living it for free sometimes.....

or costless, meaningless, standing still, wishing,
dreaming, creating, and wanting to get out my guitar.
But it is way to heavy these days. I must rest.

I must rest.

I can smell the salt in the air already just thinking
about the beach. This trip should be no different.
25 years of the same old stuff. He will be in the room
watching tv or sleeping. I will be walking on the beach,
sitting on the beach, walking to the beach pub alone,
then back to beach again......take a shower, get fixed up
for him to go out to eat. He likes to do that. Then
back to the room and to the beach alone again.

This is my life......

I am living it for free sometimes.....