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2015-05-30 22:13:11 (UTC)

Saturday spiral downward

Not sure why I feel like this. I swear it has to those damn ants
and breathing that fucking ant killer spray. Anything with Killer
in the name probably should not be inhaled. Not that I was trying
to huff or anything. I was simply for sure without a doubt trying
to kill those damn ants.

He told me this morning he saw the brownie mix wrapper in the
trash, and he searched the kitchen for them. LOL He probably
thought I ate them all and washed up the dishes. He liked the
story I told him better I suppose. It was funny.

I managed to get my part at this point of our listing over with.
Now we wait. I did reach out to our other buyer in that area
and sent him the information with a virtual tour. He started
asking the questions that indicated he may be interested in
seeing it. That would make my summer.

Today realizing how good that felt, I did manage to address a
stack of post cards and got those letters ready to be mailed.
That made me feel good too. I know I have done all I can do at
this point.

Now, I can stay here and focus on this house. I have today and
tomorrow to get the clothes caught up and maybe manage some
house cleaning. I hate this place so much I hardly leave
my room anymore. It is clear that I am living with border line
hoarders. Sick of it. I have let it known too. I know he
will be taking a break when his job ends, but I do expect to
see some results around here this summer. Too many things
need to be done.

I know when his job ends, he will want to relax for a while.
We are talking about going to the beach for a few days. Maybe
during our anniversary. 25th this year. Damn. That snuck up
on us real fast. We sure have been through the wringer.

Part of me thinks it is a waste of time to put money here. If
someone moves in next door he does not want to live near, a
for sale sign will be going up. I see no need in spending a
dime here accept to get that pool repaired and running. And
maybe some new sliding and windows, flooring throughout...
and if we have not spent too much then, I want at least get
bath fitters in here to redo both bathrooms. These are both
ridiculous. At east we will have a nice place and hell, we
can rent it out and just move to the beach. I have already
found a couple homes down there. Not even sure if he would
even want to be at the beach. But we can still move somewhere

If he is that far away, he always just expense extra money to
pay for motel if he needs one. If he comes here, he will have
twice amount. I am not sure if we are even going to the
fucking beach. I am not gonna ride that whale again.


Been an eventful day.
I am tired as hell and house is only half done. Guess the rest
will have to wait. Not sure why it even matters. Guess the
smell of dusting polish smells better than these nasty carpets.
Not even a vaccuming helped much. Too much wood here. Why

do we require that big table? We need that room instead.

Too much to worry with today.

I am beat.