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2015-05-30 01:45:30 (UTC)

Mistakes, ants and remotes

This was the first time ever that I forgot my camera when going
to an appointment where I was there to take the photos. My goodness.
I freaked out temporarily and called my daughter. She could have
met me there with her camera, but it was not fully charged and she
did not have the memory card. She suggested that I just go to the
appointment and since it was cloudy, tell them I will take the photos

with my phone and take the again later if we need too.

So, that is what I did. It turned out great.

Got home in time to enter it into MLS and it is done.

After all that, I rode to the grocery store to pick up some bread.
We were out. So, I decided to get some stew beef to put in
my crock pot. Got some sub bread for them to make subs with it
tomorrow if they wanted too.

Started talking to my BFF about going out tonight. I really did
not feel up to it. I still need to add that listing onto my webpage
and I have some letters that I need to prepare and mail out. I wanted
to send some post cards too. After talking to the boss, sounds like
we will be a bit busier than I had predicted. I can give some
of the over load to my daughter to do when school lets out soon.
We ended up decided not to go out. She needs to rest herself.

So while talking to her, I wanted to bake some brownies. I got
the box out and it hit the countertop just enough for a million
ants or at least....just tiny little piss ants crawling all over
everything in seconds. I was like WHOA~ I HATE IT! Man,
I had to hang up the call and start doing what you do in
this situation. First I used white vinegar and it worked a little,
but ended up having to locate the ant killer spray and use that.
I am still walking in there now and then making sure they are
not still attacking my kitchen. I hate that shit.

Had to be from buying those boxed brownie mix. Not sure.
But I won't do it again. That is for sure.

Then I wanted to watch the shows that I had recorded and could
not watch yet. My remote did NOT WORK! Easy to figure out
that all I needed was to change the batteries.

Still cooking the stew beef. It was ok during ant attack.
Catching up on clothes using my new washer and dryer.

Life is good