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2015-05-28 11:49:15 (UTC)

Dealing with failure

I check the NEW listings in MLS every morning. I have buyers who
are looking in particular areas, so I look for new ones to send to
the my buyers.

What a shocker when I see that damn house I had listed last year
when that Nature Freak woman who was all worked up about some
crazy shit and backed out. Something about magnetic fields....
Hell, I forgot. But anyway, they have listed it again but with
someone else. Not me. So, that fucking woman messed up my
very good relationship with them. Bitch.

But I did send it too one of my buyers who would pay list price
in cash real quick if she likes it. So, Lets see...I may get to
see them again at the closing table to make up for all that

the inspector that was involved in that previous listing who
had to deal with her and her boyfriend who lives up North...
is the inspector who was very ill recently....I will not ask
him to inspect it again.....

Anyway...I let my phone completely go dead so I can not use it
until it charges. The old man told me bout some for sale by
owners signs he has seen recently going back and forth to work.
I want to ride up that way today to check them out. Asked my
BFF if she wanted to go....but when she called late last night;
she only talked about how she had been on phone with the company
who manages the short term disability stuff for her company...
and they had her upset and tied up fixing their mistakes all
day. Not sure if she will be over that stress enough to ride
with me or not. But I will be out of here today.

Back to the speedway area.....will be glad to get that one
in MLS....I bet it sells fast.

I really hope my buyer likes the one that I sent her today.
It is perfect for her. Not all brick, but it has the charm
she has wanted......

still trying