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2015-05-28 10:27:04 (UTC)


So when 3 grown adults are sitting around at five in the morning after not sleeping a wink... they decide to play mash... and Twister goes first then Pepper goes second and then I know my turns coming and I already had decided to leave off Charming's name because I'm doing all I can to not have feelings for him.
But pepper and Twister know I do...so they had already put his name down and I let them praying that it land on anyone but him...I in four chance and of course it lands on him.
and I argue the odds of the reality that was created in a grade school kids game and am laughing still at it...
But Twister and Pepper seem to think It could happen and argue that it ended up him for a reason... and I say it only could end up him if I let it end up him...if I put him in the drawing put him on the paper and in the real life thoughts and I asked my self a question...

Do I want to Give him a chance or do I want to forget I ever cared for him?

the answer:

I don't know.