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2015-05-27 11:45:33 (UTC)

Stages of aging

As we raise our children or witness children during the growth
of their years, we will see the stages that we all must go through
to get to the next stage. How long those stages last or the effect
they take on us is never apparent until the older stages of life.

When you get to a certain age, if you have not already set your
life habits up to take you in the right direction, you may have
waited too long or at least you have been warned.

This is one of those things that sneaks up on us with no
warning. 25 or so pounds that we just can not seem to loose...
but lots of hair loss. Man or woman, the hair loss is as
bad as the teeth. Yes, you better take care of your damn
teeth while you are young. Keep them healthy guys.

Having to take care of them now is more expensive than I
could have ever imagined. Seriously, take care of the damn teeth.

People always said to me that I should Never cut my hair. Well,
that was easy to live with years ago when I had time to take to
care for it. Now, I do not have that luxury. My time is valuable.
Taking over an hour just to dry and style it was too much time.
Plus my arms can not handle that. Nor can my hands, wrist,
elbows, all of which you never realize how much you rely on
them until you start to feel pain in them constantly.

Yes, the pain. Not something that is easy. No quick fixes
there. Everyone does what works or is best for them. Some
of us just take the medication. Some of us choose not to
take medication, we self medicate with alcohol or smoke pot.
Yes, old people smoke pot. Lots of old people smoke pot.
Since those of us who find ourselves still alive...
and we lived through the 70's, expect it. It is life

Yes, if you do use pot to relieve the pain, you will finally
realize that smoking the pot no longer gives you that high
feeling than it once did. Instead, it relieves the pain....
and that is what is was for all along. Buzz kill. Pain
is the buzz kill. But it works. So, some of us use it.

I recently learned in an ethics class that is we use our
photo in advertising, we should always use a current photo
of ourselves. Well wish I had none that 25 pounds ago
and before I cut my hair off. Guess the photo is out
at this point.

But I do like the fact that I can take a shower, dry and style
my hair and throw on my makeup in less than an hour ready
to walk out the door.

I love Bare Minerals! This is the best makeup. At this
age, I really like the set that you apply with the special
brush, it has to be shaken and you only use a drop at a time.
Many shades to choose from during the different times of year.

I do not use that type all the time, the powder used alone
works fine too. I been using it for years......and love it.

My skin looks pretty good. Makes me look like I feel better
than I really feel. At this stage of life, you have to
remind people that you are older now and do not always feel
up too going out late at night.

Oh yeah, that is another thing. You find it a little easier
to take naps during the day. IF you do have to go out at
night, you must take a nap during the day. Your bedtime
changes at this stage of life. I am finding it very
hard to stay awake past nine o'clock.

But I do enjoy the alone time in the morning while I sip
my coffee.

Stages of aging will probably continue to change as if I
live longer. It does worry me sometimes where I will end up.
With one of the kids? Granddaughters? In a old folks home?

Hoping that part of life will change for all of by the time
we get there. There will be many more folks at that stage
at the same time and society here will have to recognize it
and fix it before it happens. You just can not justify
a bunch of very old people living on the streets.

Wonder how they treat old folks in the paradise island type
places I wish too live out my life? I have never really
noticed that. Something to look into for sure....

But one thing for today. I really got fired up yesterday. I did
see one for sale by owner sign near here that I will be
checking into this morning...after rush hour. Then, I will
be looking around for some business.

This time when I send letters, I am going to send out
post cards to every resident in that neighborhood my friend
wants to live in and the street she is on now...and see
how targeting areas I want listings in works. I have to
try new ways to get business. That starts today.

In the meantime, make sure you take care of whatever stage
of life you are in. You may end up like me. Working.