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2015-05-27 00:50:53 (UTC)

Crazy people should not design roads

Nor should they be allowed to drive a car. Seriously, lately
I must add the silly death wish people wearing the spandex outfit
riding on my rural road, which is not designed for them. So, Since
the fuckers actually have the right way, just as if they were walking
up the road and taking up part of the lane. God I hate them fuckers.
PLEASE sell those stupid bikes and donate the outfits to the TRASHCAN..

I want a damn boat. I also want a helicopter. Seems like the best way
to get around in this area. How do I know this you may ask? Well,
apparently my house, this house and not only this one but the last
two houses I lived in are located right in the path to and from
Charlotte. Thanks a lot. No use to move out of the town to get
away from this shit cause it is here too. I may as well be a part
of it.

Then I saw this show about a pilot school instructor who was
murdered in her room, well, actually she shot herself to make
it appear to be a murder. She lost her pilot license and
teaching pilot certification when a small plane she was
flying or student flying, she was beside of the student
and another student was in the plane, well, they crashed.
One of the students died. One of the students got hurt
permanently. She was hurt too, but managed to survive.
Accept she could not survive the medical bills. She could
not work, they had to let her go when she lost her pilot and
teaching credentials. So, she had not way to make the money
to pay the bills and staged her death. Lt Joe Kenda figured
it out. I love that show.

Anyway, I did not want to be a damn instructor, just wanted
to see how easy it would be to pilot a helicopter. I figure
it should not be as hard as a small plane. I am not into that.
I may have a death wish or something. What the hell am I
thinking? Shit.

The traffic kicked my ass this morning making me late. He
was also late. I think he left cause he was mad I was
running late, so he went to run a quick errand and when
I got to our meeting place, his house, he was not even there.

So, that is the way it started out. Then the listing couple
did not really have enough time to sign papers. Going to
a funeral of a breast cancer victim, only 36 yrs old. Too
sad for me. So, we met, I got to see the house and it is
perfect.....I just know it will sell. How long? We shall
see. I need a closing. That would really make my damn day.

Nothing else is panning out.

I stopped in to Ross Dress on the way home. I bought three new
very nice bathing suits, 4 maxi dresses, 3 tops and one pair
of capris for only 145 bucks. I am now for sure ready to
throw my shit in a duffle bag and in my car and head east....
I have enough crap now so I will not have to wash clothes
for the first week. I am hoping to be able to stay more than
one week. If we wait long enough, we may be able to rent
a condo for the month again. Oh how I love that. Even
being there alone is okay with me. But I have a feeling
it will be filled this time most of the time anyway.

The retail therapy made my day worth it.

As far as my appointment, I just have to go
back on Friday, take photos, fine tune the deal....come home
and enter it into MLS and our website....It will be in there
by the weekend. I think this one will sell quickly. It is

I will say I am sick of him working. I want him to be back home
again. My son is starving. LOL Not true. Just kidding about
us starving. We are finning for ourselves while our beloved chef
is working. I think he is tired of it too. He is looking a bit
worn out. He promised us a trip to the beach too. I wonder if
he is going to honor it? Honestly, it does not matter now. Yea
or nah. I am planning my own beach trip. And it will be longer
than a week.